My Writing Journal’s Vacation

So my bags were packed last week. Took the family on a vacation armed with my writing journal and my favourite pen.

I had the next chapter laid out in my head, the plot points set, the scenes visible in my mind. All I had to do was put it down in writing. I started on the plane. There’s nothing like a fresh page and four hours in one spot to get some work done. I got a few paragraphs finished before the drink cart arrived. And that was the end of my writing.

I tried. I popped that book in my beach bag each day. It saw lots of sun. But instead of my inspired words, the pages are filled with the kids’ doodles and countless tic tac toe games that were battled under the palm trees on the beach. The journal, my journal, was commandeered by the kids to play games. It’s all good.

After all, who works on their vacation? Even people who love their jobs take a break from them once in a while. So I forgave myself for not writing after a few days (the mojito’s helped drown the guilt). That’s what a vacation is for. Besides, the chapter is still alive in my imagination. I’ll get to it soon…after all the laundry is done.

9 Responses to My Writing Journal’s Vacation

  1. Yes, everyone deserves some time off now and then. Glad you enjoyed your vacation…after all that’s what it is, a vacation from your everyday life. You’ll write it, when you can. What’s important is that family time you had together. 🙂

  2. It’s always important to feel you’ve set aside time to write, in the same way you set aside time to do other things in life. If the time is allocated for your vacation and family, I think you were perfectly great for spending time focusing on that. You’ll be guilt-free when you return to time you’ve set aside for your writing.

  3. I love this post! And I love that your journal has the doodles from your kids. That’s what it’s all about. You can’t write about a character’s life if you don’t live your own. I’m so glad to hear you soaked up the sun (and the rum) and enjoyed your family.

  4. Hey Marianne,
    A holiday is just what you need, it will recharge your batteries and allow you to come back with a whole host of new idea’s. Have great fun and you’ll probably find that some of the doodles when you look at them will give you inspiration.

    All the best.

  5. Sometimes it is nice to take a break. Perhaps when you get back to writing you will feel even more refreshed and ready to write than you would have felt if you had written all during vacation. 🙂

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