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A good book cover will draw you in. A great cover might tempt you to pick up the book and read the back, sometimes even open to the first page. Lots has been written and discussed on the topic of cover art to know it’s a key marketing feature.

I know for myself that the visual of the cover remains in my mind as I read a book. Months or years later, the book cover will bring back the story and characters. Long after the book has made it to my shelves, one look at the cover and I can remember the book from where it sat on my bedside table, or how it peeked above the edge of my purse when I pulled it out to read.

But now that I mostly use my e-reader, how important is the cover to me anymore? I pick up my kindle and it delivers me to the page I was last reading. The visual that goes along with the story isn’t as prominent as it used to be. Regardless, I still think every book, paper or electronic, benefits from good cover art.

From early on in the process of writing Shadow Dreams, I had this image in my head of the main character Adele. Her face, the daisies in her hair and her ring all feature prominently in the opening chapter, as well as a key scene later in the book. I knew this image of her would make a stunning cover. And truthfully, I am drawn to covers that feature the character’s image. After acquiring a photographer and choosing a model (Julia frances), I had this photo taken and the cover produced. While I’ve posted the photo in a previous post, the background work, done by the amazing Alexandria N. Thompson (Graphic Designer), adds a whole new dimension.

Whether I take the route of self-publishing this novel or not, this artwork has special meaning for me. It is very fulfilling to see a visual image of my character and I am thrilled with the end product.

Thanks to Ed Huang, photographer for his vision and talent.


12 Responses to Cover Art

  1. Simple and effective cover with few elements and a strong central image.

    And it also will easily handle thumbnail size well for Amazon search (something that “busy” covers with too many elements don’t do well).

    I also agree with what you said about covers in general and the ways they may be changing – something that is still being debated. Of course, we also saw album art lose importance when CDs took over, and now with the prevalence of MP3s cover art doesn’t hold the same weight it once did in music.

    • Totally agree with your thoughts about album covers. It’s sad, really. Album covers are an art form on their own. Thanks for your comments, Matthew.

  2. Hi Marianne,

    The cover looks great – very professional, with a haunting and ethereal quality. I think it will be one readers will remember. Good luck getting your story out there.

  3. Covers mean a lot to me. Even when I give reviews on Goodreads, I always select the cover for the book I actually read and when buying books that are also movies or tv shows, I always try to find the original cover (not the Hollywood cover). I love the cover you have and would pick that up off a shelf if I saw it. Congrats on the beautiful art work!

  4. A perfect cover image for your novel – it gave me shivers. Having had the wonderful opportunity to have read your book, all the little details become significant. Well done.

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