Inspiring Horror

Each Halloween I am reminded of how much I miss Vincent Price who passed away several days before Halloween 1993. Growing up in the 80’s, Saturday mornings meant waking up and watching Hilarious House of Frankenstein in which Price performed the intro and various spooky poems and monologues. He was the epitome of everything creepy, both back then as a child and also today.

To this day, the best part of Michael Jackson’s Thriller is Price’s monologue at the end. Click here to listen to the original recording of Vincent Price’s Thriller Rap. Skip ahead to 0:34 to where it begins.

I remember once reading a story about Rod Temperton and how he wrote the words to the thriller rap in the cab on the way to the studio, finishing it just before Vincent Price arrived. As a writer, sometimes those moments when you don’t have time to think about what you’re writing and the adrenaline kicks in produce the best writing. This must have been the case with Temperton because combined with Vincent Price’s creep-tastic performance, it is a Halloween classic.

So every Halloween, I will watch and listen to a bit of Vincent Price and remember how he made every day Halloween for me as a kid and thank him for being an early influence in my love for horror.

Who do you think of when you remember your first fascination/fear of horror?




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