One Lovely Blog Award

It was an otherwise uneventful afternoon when Dianne notified me of the news.  I’m one of the latest recipients of the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks, Dianne.  I accept and comply with the request to provide seven facts about myself.  So here I go…seven facts about myself?  For the next few moments, pretend that you’ve been wishing lately that you know more about me.  I hope I don’t disappoint you…

One: I love music.  But avoid radio.  I prefer to find my own music through the internet and friend referrals.  Although I’m a writer and appreciate lyrics in songs, some of my favourite songs are not examples of lyrical genius.  “School” by Nirvana has just four lines of lyrics “No Recess, No Recess..” everyone now…

Two: I can touch my tongue to my nose.  (I’m getting desperate here)  Doesn’t sound like much but only a small portion of people can actually do this.  I’m proud to say that thanks to my strong genes, my daughter has inherited this talent and proudly boasts this fact.  (Got you trying this, didn’t I?)

Three: I never wear socks.  I live in Toronto and winters can get cold but I don’t wear socks on a daily basis.  If I’m out in the cold all day, I’ll reluctantly bend this rule.

Four: I’ve always wanted to paint.  When I win the lottery (or retire) I plan to spend my time wasting away with a brush and canvas (just like a certain mc of mine).

Five: I have an interest, bordering on obsession, in bracelets.  I wear the same earrings most of the time, don’t like necklaces, sometimes do chunky rings, but bracelets…love them.

Six: Once had a psychic tell me I’d marry into royalty…Kate Middleton must have been sitting nearby.

Seven: According to my three kids, I am the best mother in the world.  This wasn’t determined through scientific survey but I thought I’d mention it since despite the above fascinating facts, this one is most important to me.

Now for the next step in this honour, here is my (short) list of nominees, both very lovely bloggers:

Natalie Westgate (who is busy moving and may not be able to respond to this for a few weeks)